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SHOT IN THE ARM is a powerful documentary from Academy Award-nominated Director, Scott Hamilton Kennedy and Executive Producer, Neil deGrasse Tyson. The film inspires and reinvigorates public healthcare providers across America while empowering communities to make informed decisions about immunizations.

Executive Producer, Neil deGrasse Tyson

About Black Valley Films

Black Valley Film’s impact and outreach campaign for SHOT IN THE ARM launched on January 6th, 2023. The effort includes grassroots screenings, talk-back discussions, trusted science communicator panels, facilitator guides and educational materials. Screening events address the cause and effect of science mis/disinformation head-on and utilize the power of storytelling to open hearts and minds in a way that data alone cannot. This is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on raising trust in public health and contribute to the fight against anti-science. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our communities, the nation and our world.

Black Valley Films

What they are saying about the film...

"SHOT IN THE ARM will put wind under the wings of the public health community, and helping them see that they’re not alone!”

-Charlotte Moser

  Co-Director of CHOP Vaccine Education Center


“SHOT IN THE ARM is a call to humanity to take a step back before we are all eliminated or too sick to care for anyone, let alone ourselves!”

-Film Threat Magazine


"SHOT IN THE ARM is a vital rung in a ladder of science literacy that we all must ascend, lest civilization teeter on the brink of collapse from its absence.”

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

   Astrophysicist, Author, and Science Communicator


“We come away with renewed admiration for the scientists who continued to tell the truth despite threats against them and their families.  The film will provoke widespread admiration, along with outbursts of anger from the stubborn anti-vax crowd!”

- Hollywood Reporter

More About The Film

Before anyone had heard of COVID-19, filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy (THE GARDEN, FOOD EVOLUTION) began investigating the global measles epidemic. Filming with top public health officials–including Tony Fauci–as well as rare interviews with anti-vaccine activists who were persuading parents by the millions to refuse vaccines for their children.

Then COVID-19 happened.

Acting quickly, Kennedy shifted his directorial eye to this once-in-a-century tragedy. Both skeptical and hopeful, SHOT IN THE ARM explores vaccine hesitancy historically and in the context of our modern pandemic. Can we replace cynicism with healthy curiosity and bridge the political divides that make us sick?

_To rebuild trust you need the truth...  and time.” - Scott Hamilton Kennedy.png
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