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Why We Vax Leading Advocate Dr. Michael Miller Confronts Vaccine Misinformation on Global Stage

Why We Vax Scientific Advisory board member to present strategies at the World Vaccine Congress USA for Combating Misinformation Threatening Public Health

Washington DC, April 4, 2024 – Why We Vax, a leading advocate for vaccine education and awareness, is pleased to announce that Michael Miller, MD, current member of Why We Vaccinate’s Scientific Advisory Board, will be presenting at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC on April 4th at 9am. Dr. Miller’s presentation, titled "How to Reverse Misinformation in Your Social Circles & Communities," will address critical issues surrounding vaccine misinformation and its impact on public health.

With an estimated 15% of the population being misinformed about vaccines, Dr. Miller’s presentation will discuss how misinformation leads to vaccine resistance and opposition. He will underscore the importance of combating vaccine misinformation for the betterment of personal relationships with family, friends and coworkers, as well as improving and protecting public health, economic growth, and national security.

Drawing from his extensive experience in health policy and communications, Dr. Miller will share insights from his forthcoming book, "Reversing Misinformation: How to Help Your Family, Friends, Community & World." He will emphasize the necessity of personal engagement in initiatives aimed at improving vaccine access and acceptance, highlighting the phrase "moving the needle on moving needles into arms" to underscore the importance of vaccination efforts.

In addition to addressing vaccine misinformation, Dr. Miller will touch upon the broader implications of misinformation in other critical areas such as elections and climate change. His presentation will provide valuable perspectives for attendees of the World Vaccine Congress, which annually convenes over 4,000 vaccine scientists, researchers, and advocates from around the world.

Following his presentation, Dr. Miller will moderate a fireside chat focusing on vaccine misinformation on social media and chair the day's sessions on misinformation. He will be available for interviews after the morning sessions on vaccine safety.

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Dr. Michael Miller, please contact Sandy Borsch Royer at or 484-947-7423.

About Why We Vax: Why We Vax is dedicated to promoting vaccine education, awareness, and advocacy. We believe in the power of vaccines to protect individuals and communities from preventable diseases and strive to combat misinformation surrounding vaccination.

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