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Dr. Michael Miller Leads Important Conversations about Vaccine Misinformation at the 2024 World Vaccine Congress

On April 4th, at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC, Michael Miller, MD of Why We Vax’s Scientific Advisory Board delivered a compelling presentation titled “How to Reverse Misinformation in Your Social Circles & Communities.” Dr. Miller brought his extensive expertise in health policy, communication, and vaccine confidence to the audience.


While his career has focused mostly on accessibility and affordability of medical innovations, Dr. Miller has spent the past four years combating vaccine misinformation and promoting vaccine confidence. His insights during the presentation were a preview of the content of his forthcoming book, “Reversing Misinformation: How to Help Your Family, Friends, Community & World.”

Dr. Miller's presentation centered around misinformation, a critical issue facing public health today. He specifically directed attention on the estimated 15% of the population who have been misinformed about vaccines, leading to resistance or outright opposition. Dr. Miller outlined how this misinformation poses a significant threat not only to public health but also to economic growth and national security.

In his address, Dr. Miller emphasized the importance of personal engagement in combating misinformation. He contextualized vaccine misinformation within the broader framework of vaccine access initiatives, stressing the need for direct, personal interactions to encourage vaccination—a concept he encapsulates with one of his favorite phrases: “moving the needle on moving needles into arms.” This catchphrase underscores the crucial metric for vaccine innovations and initiatives: increasing vaccination rates.

Dr. Miller also highlighted the broader implications of misinformation beyond vaccines. He drew parallels to misinformation about elections and climate change, illustrating how falsehoods about those topics pose severe threats to societal stability and public trust. His comprehensive approach underscored the interconnectedness of misinformation in various domains and the urgent need for strategies to combat it.

Dr. Miller strongly believes that “if we don’t act now to both reverse misinformation and prevent it from spreading in the future, we will be unprepared for future microbial and civil disruption outbreaks.”

The World Vaccine Congress, renowned for bringing together key stakeholders from companies, government, and non-profit organizations, served as the perfect platform for Dr. Miller’s critical message. The attendees, comprised of vaccine scientists, researchers, and advocates, were deeply engaged in discussions about vaccine innovations, opportunities, successes, and challenges.

Dr. Miller's insights not only provided valuable strategies for reversing misinformation but also inspired attendees to take action in their communities. By emphasizing personal engagement and the importance of accurate information, Dr. Miller’s presentation offered a roadmap for individuals for improving vaccine confidence and, ultimately, public health.


In addition to his presentation, Dr. Miller moderated a fireside chat with Dr. Katrine Wallace and Dr. Anita Patel  who discussed vaccine misinformation on social media. They described how digital platforms contribute to the spread of false information and their strategies for counteracting the effects of that misinformation. This session provided attendees with practical insights into tackling misinformation in the digital age, emphasizing the role of social media in shaping public perceptions and the importance of accurate, trustworthy information.


Following the fireside chat, a larger panel discussed the importance of trusted messengers and how to build trust in different communities.


As we reflect on these impactful presentations, it is clear that combating misinformation requires a multifaceted approach. By fostering personal connections, leveraging accurate information, and engaging in open dialogue, we can collectively work towards a more informed and healthier world. Dr. Miller’s contributions at the World Vaccine Congress have undoubtedly advanced this critical cause, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.



Scarleth Mejia-Vasquez

Social Media Coordinator

Why We Vaccinate

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