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Shot In The Arm

On Monday, May 20th, at 7:15pm, Images Cinema in Williamstown, MA, will host a complimentary screening of the documentary "Shot in the Arm," exploring the vaccine hesitancy and resistance movement. Following the screening, Dr. Mike Miller will deliver a brief presentation and engage in a question and answer session. Originally centered on the 2019 measles outbreak, the documentary has since broadened its scope to encompass the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Miller will address the proliferation and transformation of misinformation during the pandemic, as well as strategies individuals can employ to combat it.

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Making a difference

Website dedicated to the testimonials of those who have contracted COVID presented by Novavax

Voices of Covid

Unheard perspectives from those affected. Educational resources from consumer and health care organizations. This website supports the use of vaccination against COVID-19, helping you navigate the ongoing journey of life with COVID-19 beyond the pandemic. The Voices of COVID is brought to you as an educational initiative of Novavax Advocacy.

Shot in the Arm documentary on vaccines truth

Shot In The Arm

SHOT IN THE ARM is a powerful documentary from Academy Award-nominated Director, Scott Hamilton Kennedy and Executive Producer, Neil deGrasse Tyson. The film inspires and reinvigorates public healthcare providers across America while empowering communities to make informed decisions about immunizations.

Scientific American Magazine

October Edition

Why We Vaccinate advertised in the most recent 2023 edition of Scientific American. 

Read Scientific American magazine for up-to-date information about COVID and other vaccine and health information. Scientific American is one of our most valued partners. 


Future of Vaccines Webinar

While public attention to vaccines soared throughout the global pandemic, innovation in the field has proceeded on many fronts and promises a bright future of possibilities. From RNA to protein-based technologies and other modalities, we stand poised to tackle acute infections and conditions, with a renewed arsenal to better serve clinicians and patients worldwide.


The newest vaccine news and information


We live in an exciting time of tremendous innovation in vaccine design and delivery, and new vaccines are rapidly becoming available at a very fast pace. As a pediatrician I am particularly thrilled by the prospects of conferring a lifetime of benefit for babies through novel approaches to both pregnant patients and their newborn infants against serious infections!

- Dr. Mark R. Schleiss, MD, Why We Vax Scientific Advisory board member


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Vax Talks YouTube Videos

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Sina Bavari

Scientific Advisory

Board Member


Michael Luber

Board of Directors



Dr. Nicole Fischer Roberts

Why We Vax

Board of Directors Member


Dr. Michael Olin

Scientific Advisory

Board Member


Dr. Mark R. Schleiss, MD

Scientific Advisory

Board Member


"Vaccines are one of the most effective tools we have to prevent disease and improve public health."


- Dr. Steve Projan, Why We Vaccinate, SAB Board Member

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